2009-03-03 14:22:23 by Head-Shot5000

I updated some of my shitty icons for my .swfs. They're not great but they're a hell of alot better than the other ones i had up there. I joined a new collab. Aaaaand.... I plan on working on the new stick battle thing soon. I kinda started it awhile ago and forgot about it. I don't expect it to be done anytime soon.



2009-02-13 16:02:24 by Head-Shot5000

Nothing is getting done around heeeerreeee

Good Stuff

2008-06-24 17:02:49 by Head-Shot5000

I have added new flash and i have joined a new collab. But im not sure if its going to make it so i didnt work too hard on my bit. Hopfully it works out.


2008-04-13 04:52:58 by Head-Shot5000

Eh.... All of my collabs died. After working hard on all 3. w/e

Flawless victory Collab.

2008-02-24 20:10:37 by Head-Shot5000

The new collab im working on is called the flawless victory collab. Its about characters battling against each other and totally owning the guy who fought before them.

In other news... Your mother. That is all.


2008-01-28 14:41:47 by Head-Shot5000

I've been working on 2 collaborations. One is called Somthings Wrong Here... Its about people do normal stuff while abnormal things are happening.

The other is called 5 men in a Room. You guessed it. It's about 5 people... IN A ROOM!!!! Yup. 5 of 'em all doing... stuff... and junk.

Anyway! Look out for those on the NG portal! They will be around next week... and some other time that I thought was too long. Ttyl and all that jazz.

New Line of Animations: Shapes

2007-09-15 18:49:45 by Head-Shot5000

I am currently working on a new project called shapes. Its about shapes doing funny stuff. I have the first one on. Circle rofls

New Line of Animations: Shapes